NORDANDAEhlin Bjarka is part of Urla Tribe and one of the organizers of the festival. Besides working with Forest Star she’s a yoga teacher who gets inspired by the nordic philosophical perspective of nature medicine. She works with the fundament of the elementary teachings and is striving to share an experience and exploration of the inner self.
She started to explore yoga at 2004. Yoga is a lot about the experience for Ehlin. It is something you mindfully put your attention to, to get in contact with the effects it might bring you.

At the festival Ehlin will hold a meditation that explores the chakra system through the runes and a gentle class of slow flow.

Nordic chakra meditation - Nordic chakra meditation is a journey through the seven large chakras. You will be guided through different asanas to get in contact with the experience of your chakras. To intensify the experience we’ll use the magic of the runes and will sing their mantra to respective chakra.

Slow Flow - a gentle but dynamic class where we’ll assume a slow and creative flow of movement. The flow will guide you into enhanced presence with body and mind. The movements and breath will be woven together as an extension of each other. focus will be on flow, breath and alignment.


Urla TrURLA WOMANibe was borned after many gatherings that we shared in Bäckabo Forest where Forest Star take place.There was an energy becoming more and more present. She showed herself and got the name Urla, the one who looks after her family in Bäckabo Forest. Urla is a combination of two runes: Ur and Ass. Shortly the Ur-rune is about the inner raw power we all have inside of us, the power that helps us face and come over all the obstacles we meet in life. Ass is about being open and free in your spirituality. To be in contact with the great spirit and higher self. We are all part of this greater spirit.

The Urla woman shares with you Urlass ceremony at saturday midnight. The ceremony this year is a contribution to the creation of life, the ice and the fire and to Audhumbla, mother of all. We will work with the two powerful opposite forces that are the foundation of existence; stillness and movement. Amongst the ancient nordic rune symbols these forces are represented as Isa, the ice rune, and Kauna, the fire rune. When these runes work together in harmony the fire can melt the hard ice to release the flow of energy for us to grow in love.

In the nordic mythology one believed that life was created when the cold frosted ice of Nifelheim collided with the sparkling fires of Muspelheim. The stillness of ice in combination of the energy of the fire created materia and life. The ancient cow Audhumbla and the giant Ymer was born. Audhumbla nourished Ymer with her milk. Therefor Audhumbla is the provider of life and the world could be seen as a manifestation of Audhumbla. She is the flow of life that is flowing in and all around us, providing us with the mother's life force.


Marcus will hold a lecture/workshop about wild plants and fermentation for food sovereignty and sustainability from a medicinal, ecological and agricultural perspective.

Hello Dear You. I’m here at your service during Forest Star Midsummer Celebration to guide you in yoga and meditation. I’ve been fortunate to share these tools in various settings now throughout the years and during a festival is actually one of my favorite ones. Mostly because it’s so needed and appreciated at gatherings like this. Thera are so many impressions and maybe intense experiences in such few days, and with all that dancing =) I warmly recommend to give yourself the time and space to take a moment, breathe, stretch and reset your system. Since 2009 I’ve been on a journey of self discovery with yoga and meditation as great allies. I teach Kundalini, Hatha, Yin and Free flow yoga. Looking forward to share some of my insights and classes with you at Kraft Källan.  

(Please don’t attend under the influence of alcohol or drugs)

Love and Magic your way


1st  phase 750 SEK 
2nd phase 850 SEK 
3rd  phase 950 SEK

Keep in mind we have a limited number of tickets


From now on, we will arrange Forest Star - Midsummer Celebration every second year. The reason is a new agreement with our neighbors on arranging a festival every second midsummer. Next Forest Star - Midsummer Celebration will happen 21-24 of June 2018.

NO Illegal substances
NO Glass
NO campfires or fires of any kind
NO Nitrous oxide
NO Negative Vibes
NO Dogs or animals of any kind
NO Motor Bikes or Quad Bikes
NO Couches / Lounge Chairs
NO Generators
NO Commercial signage or advertising
NO Fireworks or flares
NO Handheld lasers
NO Excessive Amounts of Alcohol
NO Weapons of any kind