This year we proudly present the Shaman Robin Hallman, he will be with us the whole festival. Every morning he will hold a purifying meditation and ceremony that will cleanse your energies for a good day start.
Shamanism is the oldest known spirutal practice of humanity. It is a generous, loving path of caring for one another and for moder earth the godess. It supports and sustains personal growth and our connection to the great spirit.
Robin will hold worksshops where he will introduce shamanism.
Robin will be offering Shamanic healing, grounding and purification.

Workshop – gathering in a training area for practical exercisers and demonstration

sara 400

Chandra & Surya yoga
After having strong experiences and feelings about honoring the moon (chandra) and the sun (surya), Sara will share this mission with you. Our bodies contains of both moon- and sun line. To reach and to stay in balance yoga is helping us. During the class we will perform sun salutations and moon salutations also recognized as surya namaskar and chandra namaskar. The class will continue with a chakra healing session.

Chakra mantra healing
This workshop will be joined with the ending of the chandra and surya yoga class. Welcome to a meditation journey where you will get guidance of how to use mantras. It will be a very relaxed and comfy meditation. Our seven primal chakras each have their own mantra. These mantras will heal and gives clarity to your energy centers, chakras. Come and connect with your rainbow body!



Hello Dear You. Im here at your service during Forest Star Tribe Gathering to guide you in yoga and meditation.
Ive been fortunate to share these tools in variuos settings now throughout the years and during a festival is actually one of my favorit ones. Mostly because its so needed and apriciated at gatherings like this. Thera are so many impressions and maybe intense experiences in such few days, and with all that dancing I warmly recommend to give yourself the time and space to take a moment, breathe, stretch and reset your system. Since 2009 I’ve been on a journey of self discovery with yoga and meditation as great allies. I teach Kundalini, Hatha, Yin and Free flow yoga. Looking forward to share some of my insights and classes with you at Kraft Källan.  

(Please don’t attend under the influence of alcohol or drugs)

Love and Magic your way☆

Acroyoga for beginners

Photo by Eva Werner

In this workshop we will play and move together! We will lift each other of the ground and explore different positions. We combine yoga, acrobatics and thai massage to create stretching, relaxation and a bit of challenge. Our focus will be on having fun and to play in a safe space. You don't need any experience or skill to join – everyone is welcome just the way they are!

Odanadi presentation
Sara has seen human trafficking close by, and met its survivors. In India, the organization Odanadi gives home for women, children and young men who have been victims of today's slave trade: trafficking. Through work, education, yoga and the strength of the collective, the residents return the right to their own bodies and their own lives. After her first trip to Odanadi, Sara started the support organization Odanadi Sweden to strengthen the work against human trafficking in India and now she is welcoming you. We are inviting you to join and support us. Come with an open mind and share your ideas and thoughts about how we can strengthen the sisterhood together.

Odanadi Sweden
Sara Kelilnejad & Miriam Ryttge
Facebook: Odanadi Sweden, Odanadi India & Odanadi International

From now on, we will arrange Forest Star - Midsummer Celebration every second year. The reason is a new agreement with our neighbors on arranging a festival every second midsummer. Next Forest Star - Midsummer Celebration will happen 21-25 of June 2018.  The other years we will arrange ForestStar - SummerTribe Festival

Welcome to Forest Star-SummerTribe Festival


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