anderstone Anders Tone / Blue Hour Sounds

* I grew up with electronic music around me, having an older brother who showed me the art of dj'ing, together with the hypnotic goa-trance of the mid 90's which got me totally amazed. In 2005 I started to organize parties in the forests of Sweden and got my dj skills tested and improved. My passion and devotion for the community has so far resulted in travels and gigs on festivals and parties around Europe, North America, South America and India. After experimenting with different styles and representing various labels I became a part of the Blue Hour Sounds family in 2011.

Besides the Dj'ing I'm organizing a forest celebration in Sweden called Andra Vaerlden Gathering. This I see as a deeper expression of my music, where one can share ones visions of the journey even further. I feel that to be on the dance floor is in the end the most important thing of our culture. And to be able to share that with other people, both behind the decks, as well on the dance floor is such a blessing in life.




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