Arriving / Parking

Entrance / Parking

Entrance - We are opening the entrance and the camping area Thursday the 21 of June 15.00 it will stay open 24 hours a day.

This year we have relocated the entrance so first you will come to the entrance before you can park your car.  

Please have tickets and your ID ready because this year we will assist you while you in the car.

If you don’t have a prepaid ticket make sure you have 950 SEK in cash.

We are cash free after midnight at the entrance.

Parking – The distance from parking area to the camping/Festival area is about 2 km. The festival is recommending bringing things like push bikes or trollies to make your way to the festival.

From now on, we will arrange Forest Star - Midsummer Celebration every second year. The reason is a new agreement with our neighbors on arranging a festival every second midsummer. Next Forest Star - Midsummer Celebration will happen 21-24 of June 2018.

NO Illegal substances
NO Glass
NO campfires or fires of any kind
NO Nitrous oxide
NO Negative Vibes
NO Dogs or animals of any kind
NO Motor Bikes or Quad Bikes
NO Couches / Lounge Chairs
NO Generators
NO Commercial signage or advertising
NO Fireworks or flares
NO Handheld lasers
NO Excessive Amounts of Alcohol
NO Weapons of any kind


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