mattimatti It is cliché that it's hard to put a label on music.

And to say it has almost become a cliche it self.

But whole meaning of music is to listen to it and create your own world by it.

And in order to do that you need space. Space free from cliches of style and attitude.

mattimatti is a band that is trying to step out of these cliches that the music often falls into. The long, intime tunes they create have a original structure and sound, and the songs is not easy to put into a certain genre.

Mattimatti is building their music on improvisation,  that leads them and the listeners to places that nobody expected.

The music is often described as rhythmic, suggestive, intime and meditativ,

and there is a certain present resting in the music which is hard to

describe but easy to experience if you listen to it.




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