dinky After about 15 years of hiding in the shadows to evolve his music production skills it's finally time for the musical mind of Bill Grahn to be unveiled. He begun his production path with simple Dance music, then he went onto Hardstyle, Electro, Dubstep, Hip-hop and even electronic interpretations of indie pop and punk, but as he never seemed to find a musical mirror of his soul his search continued on for many years, until he finally happened upon what psychedelic music really meant. Ever since he's been creating whatever comes to mind, as the psychedelic sound has no limits. So now he has finally settled into an ever-changing modality of creation.

Inspired mainly by nature and space he aims to create an organic electro-fusion with a backbone of awakening vibrations tailored to evoke feelings, create wonder and blend it all into a kind of music made to sooth your soul and ease your tensions by journeying through the stormfilled soundscape that is Dinky but Spiffy.




Dinky but Spiffy


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