cquences Cquence is the consequence of a wide and avid appetite for music, dancing, nature and travelling with a dedication to share his passion with other like-mind•ed people.

Early musical influences were rooted in 70’s and 80’s synth-based electronica, reggae, roots and dub while the uncovering of the more psychedelic scene came in the late end of the 90’s.
The discovery of festivals and forest gatherings initiated an even deeper passion for experiencing new worlds of electronic music and suddenly an interest for the downtempo scene grew and became one of his main musical interests. In 2009 after playing his first dj-set he’s been active at the major parties and festivals in his home country which also later on lead to have the privilege to perform at festivals in Europe. Around the same time he had the opportunity to join Altar Records which is an ambient, psychill and progressive chill out label from Canada. The spectrum of sound has since then evolved in different directions throughout the years depending on influences at the moment, with an importance to celebrate life and inject the free spirit in to a groove no matter of genre.




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