ARI3L DJ and a producer since 2005 and a part of the music family since 1985. Have explored almost all the scenes in the edm genre but nothing was like the universe of Psychedelic gatherings. After many years of exploriation I finally found home. To finally reach a destination where you can look beyond space and time, be part of a journey full of diffrent worlds and explorers within. Mixing all types of experienced frequencies with cosmic sounds, ambience and bass, feeling the true nature of vibration. I'm really blessed to be able to reach out to other souls trough music. It has such a great impact on us and I really feel healed and balanced by it. It's a force that needs to be shared to everyone. That Is why I love working with music. - On Forest Star you'll get a taste of a nice soup, called Soft Soup. This soup contains some good tracks and will get you chilled down. Just smooth ya know, like a soft sloth. So follow me and I will guide you to the state of slothness where all sloths are accepted and treated as we all should be treated. Ingredients I used are PsyDub, Dub, Dub reggae and Downtempo and some of my own music.


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