alternature Alter Nature is André Jonsson from Stockholm, mostly famous for his uplifting progressive psytrance that has taken him all around Europe where he has been performing at some of the most respectable festivals like Indian Spirit, VuuV Festival, Airbeat One Festival and the massive Swiss party Raumklang just to name a few.

He has released 2 albums, 9 EP`s and is featured on almost 70 compilation CD´s and has hit #1 spot on the Beatport Psytrance chart three times.

But he is not only all about progressive psytrance, since an early age he has always been experimenting with a lot of different styles like hardcore/gabber, fullon, drum & bass and techno but it was not until 2012 he starting to play around more with down-tempo beats.

Hannes, the label boss of André´s current recordlabel Spin Twist Records, started to pick up on André´s more layed back music and asked if he wanted to release a full album with only experimental downbeat and ambient tunes that he made, and ofcourse he said yes, so in 2015 the album "Emerald Bay" was released and greeted with great success.

It has now been 2 years since the album first saw the light and André is now working on the next chillout album that is also going to be released on Spin Twist records, and this time with a much more mature sound and depth in production.

Now André has been producing enough ambient music to be able to perform a full live-set with only this style for the very first time, and the premier will be at this summer´s edition of Forest Star Festival.
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