DJ Emok is co-founder of the record label Iboga Records, which he established with label partner Banel in 1996. Since founded, the label has grown from strength to strength, and is today internationally recognised as one of the most respected and successful labels in the world.

The Iboga Records signature sound, while not limited to psytrance, is highly characterized by some of the biggest international psytrance artists of the scene. Together with FM Bookings, Emok and Banel manage artists like Ace Ventura, Vini Vici, Liquid Soul, Captain Hook, Freq, Ticon, Atmos, MVMB, Perfect Stranger, Gaudium and many more. Iboga has been consistently releasing massive tunes which storm numerous electronic charts, including the prestigious trend compass in electronic genres - Beatport.

The label has grown immensly, not only due to the amazing artist roster, but as a result of focused attention to the ever-evolving scene and music industry. And if someone knows the industry it's DJ Emok. His access to fresh and unreleased tracks from supporting producers in the music community means it comes as no surprise that he is guaranteed to play unique, distinctive and exclusive sets, ripping up dancefloors across the globe. Armed with production skills in various genres, Emok is also know for his releases in his side projects 'Phony Orphants' and 'Critical Choice' alongside Ticon. With DJ sets and Live performances in more than 20 countries every year, he is firmly putting a statement on his worldwide popularity, and whether it be dropping the bass or raising the label, Emok know's exactly which direction to take things.




1st  phase 750 SEK 
2nd phase 850 SEK 
3rd  phase 950 SEK

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