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Diffus is Bjorn Olsson, born 1980 - originally from the northern deep forests of Swedish Wermland and now located in Gothenburg on the Swedish west coast. Björn has always loved to express himself throu art and music and started painting at an early age. After a Goatrance party in '97 he felt that he wanted to contribute to the scene and started painting psychedelic backdrops. Inspired by old Swedish folklore and fairytales, the backdrops feature: Trolls, fairies, dragons, elfs and dark twisted forests.

In 2001 Björn founded the forest party Trolltyg that came to be the first outdoor party for the summer season every year From 2001-2008, that grew up to be the biggest outdoor underground psytrance event in Sweden still till this day.

In 2003 Björn began his music production journey . He started making tunes in Fruity Loops and still is.

First Inspired by early Goa/Psytrance. And now focusing more on the progressive darker side fused with forest psytrance vibes.

- "I like combining elements from different kinds of genres and fusing them to something new. Genre depends on what mood i´m in. Usually its´s an experimentaion that i don´t know the outcome of untill it´s finished".

"Art creation and music production goes hand in hand, it is the same thought channelled in two different medias."
Bjorn has released 4 ep´s and alot of tracks on diffrent VA´s

His latest "Diffus - Back from reality" EP on Occulta records

Hit the Beatport top 100 psytrance chart at number 56.




1st  phase 750 SEK 
2nd phase 850 SEK 
3rd  phase 950 SEK

Keep in mind we have a limited number of tickets