egot EgoT - Zenon Records

Started as a DJ back in 1999, at that time playing all kinds of psychedelic trance.
Got introduced to the more progressive (old Iboga) style sometime around 2000-2001.
Turning darker and more minimal 2002 and got hooked on music from labels as Databass (France) and Creamcrop (Denmark) and finally finds the Zenon sound in 2003.
A couple of hard and dark years later Tim Larner aka Sensient invited me to join the Zenon family in 2009 after doing a spontaneous back to back DJ set together at Magical Forest that summer (Drunk as f**k).
After being signed by Zenon and getting noticed by international promotors ive been shaking big and small dancefloors around Europe.
European Festivals MoDem (Croatia), Kali Mela (Spain), Ozora (Hungary), Freqs Of Nature (Germany), Psychedelic Circus (Germany), Transylvania Calling (Rumania) and Swedens legal psy/progressive festivals Genesis Festival, Goodwill Festival and most of the underground psyfestivals in Sweden.




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