psykia Francesca Spadoni - PSYKIA - Vantara Vichitra/ Banyan Records.

I'm an eclectic DJ and music lover, i've been active in the underground psychedelic trance scene for many years now, i've started making my own sounds lately and realeased tracks for Lycantrop Records and Forestdelic Records, more on the way.

I live in London since 7 years and i spend few months every year in India, i have my base in Goa where i play quite often.

I'm studying music therapy and i fully believe in the amazing power of music, music helped me a lot in the most difficult times of my life and i like to have this is mind when i play my sets.. i went through many different stiles and the one i find best to express myself at the moment is atmospheric forest psytrance even if i collect music of every style and i always try to offer a good musical journey that can help people go through their problems so that they can feel better.




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