zora Psytrance has been a great passion of mine since I was first introduced to the genre back in 1999. Back then my first CD was the Best Of Destination Goa compilation and tracks like the legendary Atmos - Klein Aber Doctor also caught my attention. Since then I have followed the evolution of the genre and today my main passion is the progressive subgenre. I had a dream for many years of starting DJ-ing in order to share the passion with others. Finally, after a bit of a push from a wonderful friend (thank you Ylva (aka Mama Gaia)), I got at it and had the great pleasure of performing for the first time in 2014. Then it was time to pick a name for my DJ project which is simply a Balkan translation of my very Scandinavian (and for some unpronounceable) name, Gry, which translates to Zora in Balkan, all meaning dawn or sunrise. I now had the pleasure of performing in Denmark and internationally in Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and Thailand. The main purpose of my DJ-ing is to share my sets with others and thereby share my deep passion for the music.




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