toysrnutz Toys R Nutz are Claudio Carlsson (Gothenburg) and Johan Wernborg (Stockholm). They joined forces in 2006 and the project TrN was born.
They both got a love for dark and heavy grooves and progressive psytrance of the early 2000:s listing acts like X-dream, Son Kite, The Delta and Xenomorph as their major influences.

Johan is a creative soul that sees opportunities around him to make something out of his surroundings, wether it’s creating soundscapes on a synthesizer or making a set of drinking glasses out of old wine bottles. .
He is an old schooler in rave culture being dedicated to the scene since the golden days of the 90:s.
Claudio is a music nerd with a lifelong history of music dedication behind him. He was a dedicated participant of the hip hop movement in the 90:s and rave culture in the early 2000:s. With love for a diversity of genres from rock/metal to art/folk/alternative to electronica and grooves, his songwriting covers a wide spectrum.

TrN are currently working on new tracks and still the sound could be described as a clash between demons and angels. Dark and spooky combined with melodies and hope.




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