Forest Star Festival 24-27 JUNE 2016

*Summer solstice and Midsummer*

Why do we celebrate SUMMER SOLSTICE and Midsummer?

Here in the north on this time of year the sun is shining the longest, in the night sometimes it almost doesn't get dark.

We celebrate Sunna, the Sun, she is the goddess "Asynja" that drove the sun-wagon over the sky.

This is an ancient tradition existing long before we got Christianised.

After the long and hard winter, when she came back to us, we could finally go outside and enjoy the whole day in the sun, we could plant seeds in the earth and watch them grow, she brings life!

At the same time, Freja and Frej, the goddess and the god, female and male, were celebrated. This couple symbolise the energy of Growth, Love, Life and Balance.

We celebrate LIFE with flowers in our hair, dancing around the midsummer pole, making love in the fields and in the night we jump over the fire to manifest our wishes and goals.

Come and join us in the forest, embrace the dance and light, feel the love!

*Forest Star <3*

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