Forest Star Festival 2017


ForestStar- SummerTribe Festival 2017
10-14 Augusti 

The Forest Star Festival is a gathering for everyone to heal and grow in a sacred space as a tribe family with Mother nature. Together we explore and connect through psychedelic music vibrations and creative workshops.

Come and dance, bond with nature and enjoy Life!

Forest Star is a very unique, loving down to earth dance festival, which invites you on a magical journey through forest and time, here the ground seeping out ancient knowledge and wisdom.

Our ancestors were speaking about the old powerful midsummer tradition, the summer solstice,,,, this time the sun is shining the longest and in the night it almost doesn't get dark... that’s when you see the fairy’s dancing in the mist, with flowers in their hair singing songs about love and growth..

We celebrate Sunna the Sun, returned to shine her light over us the earth. She is the goddess "Asynja" that drove the sun-wagon over the sky.  She is sending the healing light of courage and self-love over us. She helps us to remember to take our place in the universe and that we all have a place here and now <3

In the Old Norse tradition we celebrated the female and male energy, this energy was represented by Freja and Frej, goddess and god. We all have this in us it’s all about Love, growth, life and Balance!

We dress the midsummer pole with flowers and dancing around it to celebrate life!! The pole is not only a phallus symbol it is also representing the womb and this two are symbols for male and female energy! Let the power of this fill you with self-love, love to others, love to the universe!

Come and join us in the forest, embrace the dance and light, feel the power from the North! Let’s make sweet loving love <3

We came home to Urla forest; during our walks the forest star flower greeted us! We tasted the water smelled the trees the moss. After the cleansing rain we stopped and listened to the raven, in the nights we heard Urla howling her wisdom as we sat around the campfire. We shared our longings and our dreams; we wanted to gather the tribe in a loving midsummer dream!

*Urla Tribe*

Foreststar 2016 Video


From now on, we will arrange Forest Star - Midsummer Celebration every second year. The reason is a new agreement with our neighbors on arranging a festival every second midsummer. Next Forest Star - Midsummer Celebration will happen 21-25 of June 2018.  The other years we will arrange ForestStar - SummerTribe Festival

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